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It all began one day....
Hey pizza friends! We are back home for


In July 2016, weary of long Wisconsin winters and seeking sunshine, Jake Hillinger packed up his dog Tucker and drove west for California. After more than 20 years working in nearly every aspect of food service, Jake decided it was time to chase his own creativity and passions for food with a versatile and unique catering business. Having grown up cooking in a traditional Sicilian pizza kitchen, Jake was eager to bring his take on wood-fired pizza to his new home. By early 2018, partnered with his longtime girlfriend, Cari Orr, Firefly Pizza Company was born. 


Fast-forward to Spring 2021 Update!

We are entering our 3rd year with Firefly Pizza Company, proudly serving our fun and delicious flavors to as many pizza lovers as we can! You can even try our pizzas in your home oven with our pizzas now available frozen at several local retailers like Draughtsmen Alehouse, Plow To Porch Organics and Gladden & Son's Produce. 2020 was a year no one could have expected or planned for and we have done our best to keep cooking pizzas and providing food and meals for as many as we can. We could not be more proud of our community and our business partners who have faced the many challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic together. We are truly eager to get back to Weddings & Event Caterings and the joys of cooking "live" in front of a hot pizza oven! 

Also, "She said Yes!!"... so Cari & Jake are now planning our own 2021 Wedding! You better believe there will be hot & fresh Firefly Pizza for our guests!

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