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  • Jake B.

  • Eastlake, Seattle, WA

  • 11/1/2019


Hired for our wedding rehearsal dinner!  We loved working with Firefly - immediately responsive to questions, helped coordinate tricky logistics downtown Santa Barbara, and most of all provided our guests with delicious pizza!  Our guests talked about the pizza all wedding weekend.  Couldn't recommend more!!


I grew up in New York and I absolutely love Pizza. I thought the Firefly Pizza Company was of the highest standard. Just like a good NY Pizza. Chesse was really good!!!! I will recommend it to my friends.

  • Anna W.

  • Seminole, FL

  • 8/2/2019


  • This is such a fun idea! We hired them for a wedding rehearsal dinner and could not have been more pleased with their professionalism. They offer Vegetarian options which worked great for us because we have food allergies! They were very flexible with our changing plans. Cari and Jake were very easy to work, returned calls promptly.  I highly recommend them!

  • Kim R.

  • Huntington Beach, CA

  • 5/16/2019

  • I love their pizza! It's amazing how much flavor can be packed into this za!! The ingredients are such good quality and you can really taste the difference, with a fair price too! I moved away from the area but still recommend people finding this pizza oven for yummy pizzas. It's really cool watching them make your pizza right in front of you too. I used to get Firefly at the Draughtsman in SB, but know they go to wineries too.

  • Jason K.

  • Lemoore, CA

  • 5/20/2019

  • Was at an event they catered and enjoyed the heck out of their pizza! One had bacon and mushroom, I believe, and the other was a simple cheese. Lots of flavor! Even their basic cheese was delicious with a bit of garlic and fresh ingredients. Both came on a nice, thin crust. Not too thin, just right.

  • Kaye P.

  • Paradise, NV

  •  5/31/2019

  • Omg amazing pizza! I love pizza and it sounded good tonight so we went to M Special where they were serving their pizza tonight. We had one bacon and Sausage and one pizza with tomatoes, garlic, sausage, bacon (was supposed had pepperoni and not bacon but the pepperoni had ran out, so they subbed it with bacon) and pepperchinos.WOW! Such great flavors, quality ingredients, cooked
    To perfection and great customer service. Can't wait to eat their pizza again!

  • Patricia D.

  • Ontario, CA

  •  6/14/2019

  • We're at concert at Firestone Vineyard and ordered pizza, thank goodness! Just got back from Italy and the pizza took me back to pizza in Italy.  Clean, fresh ingredients.  The pizza dough was light and airy.  We ordered the The Bohemian  and it was a perfect balance of flavors!   Service was great also.

  • Jack W.

  • Santa Barbara, CA

  •  4/25/2019

  • I think FireFly Pizza is the beat way to host any event of any size. I just hosted a lunch event and gourmet pizza was THE BEST I've ever had! Jake & Cari are 1st class people with a tremendous amount of pride they put into the event. Their preparation, presentation and deliverable was perfect! I would highly recommend FireFly Pizza of any size for all occasions!

  • Steve W.
  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • 4/15/2019
  • When I am out having awesome beer at MSpecial or Draftsman, I love the pizza from Jake and his portable hot dome oven.  He is so into it, like a doctor chef and always perfect to order.  So healthy and reasonable price.  Thanks.

  • Maggi H.

  • Santa Barbara, CA

  • 3/23/2019

  • Best pizza ever!  I shared a Firefly pizza and beer with a friend at Draughtsman yesterday.  The pizza was perfect!  The crust was light with a nice flavor and delicate blend of crunch and softness.  The sauce was fresh with delicous seasoning.  There was a perfect blend of fresh cheese, fresh veggies and the right amount of tastey sausage.  I cannot wait to try their other combos!

The owners are very friendly, eager to please their customers and overall good people!

  • Jake S.

  • San Francisco, CA

  •  3/16/2019

  • Amazing pizza, hands down. I bought a pizza as I stopped by M. Special after work to bring home for my girlfriend and we loved it. I even shared a piece or 2 at the bar with my new found friends. 10/10 really tasty pizza no lie.

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